Tale of the Cattail Forest- Update

Tale of the Cattail Forest is such a meaningful book to me. A lot comes from the fact that it is my first WIP. The characters and the world are incredible. Now, I have an actual update. It has been known for some time that I was one my 5th draft.

Well, I had to be on a writing hiatus for some time. Part of that time was spent developing the Greatest Discovery characters, in particular Aurora and Jasmine. I was only on writing hiatus to wait on edits. Now, I am pleased to say those edits were recently given that. Now, I am pleased to say I am on my 6th draft. This is my hardest draft yet—I already took care of some of the grammar and tense situations that were noticed.

But, there is a moment that is still a struggle. I am not saying that what it is- don’t want to say spoilers. At least, it improved as time went on.

My 6th draft is not just going to consist of some of those rewrites. I think it will also include working on the map. One of the tricks is knowing when to put the illustrations. Now the book now has the summary blurb- it is the back of the book after all.

10 thoughts on “Tale of the Cattail Forest- Update

    • This is the summary blurb:

      After moving to Fairy Creek, where the Fairy Frogs live, Sparkle explores her new surroundings to pursue her craft. As a drawer she is always looking for adventure and new places to draw. But when she ventures out beyond Fairy Creek into Graysloup, she encounters some toads and makes unlikely friendships and meets new challenges. The friendships all begin when she decides to befriend a young toad named Marge.

      Things become challenging after encountering Sarge, leader of the toads, who tries to prevent all the friendships. Will the courage and cleverness of the Fairy Frogs stop Sarge from breaking up these new friendships? The frogs and toads learn how to use their talents and explore new ways of developing compassion and friendships.

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      • At age four, his mother left him leaving him with an abusive and cruel father. From 4-13, he was abused- starting with words alone and eventually it got more physical. At 13, his father left. All of this abuse led him to have these nightmares. He became conflicted, confused, full of anger, and so lonely.

        He only found one place of comfort- “The Bog”, the only place his father never knew existed.

        Sarge’s backstory led him to be the bully he is in my book. It also explains why Marge, his younger cousin, is his easiest target. Unlike his father, she had a loving father. Their two fathers were brother- one was loving and the other was not

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  1. Congrats on moving towards the 6th draft! That’s huge progress and I can’t wait to hear what comes next for this WIP!


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