Classic Mystery Prompt #15

Classic Remarks gave me a fun question to answer today. The classics are some of the best books to read, but tend to be ignored at times. What are some classics on your TBR list? Why?

Pickwick Papers

Well, I have enjoyed ALL Dickens’ novels so far. This is one of his novels, which led to me to wanting to read it.

Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

I have not yet read any novels by the Bronte sisters. So, I think it is time to give them a try.

Gulliver’s Travels

This is one of the novels I loved in high school. Obviously, it wasn’t the entire work, but I now own the entire novel. So, as long as I have the entire work, I want to have fun reading it.

Tess D’urbervilles

I have already learned to love one Thomas Hardy book (Mayor of Casterbridge), so I want to read another book of his


A classic novel I own, but I hadn’t thought about why I want to read it. I just know I want to read it.

Crime and Punishment

I recently got interested in this classic. I was reminded of Les Misérables when I was reading the blurb due to recognizing characters. That did grab my interest in this particular novel.

9 thoughts on “Classic Mystery Prompt #15

  1. I cannot seem to get into Hardy at all. I read Jude the Obscure for a college course and vaguely remember thinking it was pretty good, but I tried to read Tess and Far from the Madding Crowd on my own and just DNF’ed both.


  2. I have Gullivers Travels and Kidnapped on my TBR list–I’m definitely looking forward to reading them! This looks like a great list! I’ll have to check some of these books out. Thanks for sharing!


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  4. I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy most of these. The Pickwick Papers is okay as far as a book of character sketches goes, but it’s not Dickens’ best. I could never finish Wuthering Heights because I find it overdramatic. I am the only person I know who doesn’t like Jane Eyre. Gulliver’s Travels didn’t appeal to me, but I’m not fond of satire, in general. Crime and Punishment is okay, I guess, but I think people like it because you get inside the mind of a murderer, but I don’t really want to be inside their mind!


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