Long Series I Love

There are times I wonder why the vast majority of series tend to be either mythology, fantasy, or science fiction. When I think of series, I usually think of trilogies; not long ones. So, today I decided to bring up the long series I love- as in those that consist of 7+.

Harry Potter- 7

This was one of the earliest series I learned to love. Full of strong friendships, lots of magic and creatures, and battles and trials. In my opinion, the strongest friendship in Harry Potter is the Golden Trio- they go through so much together. Some of the beasts are amazing- like Phoenix, and Hippogriff. However, some are creepy- would rather not bring them up.

Chronicles of Narnia- 7

When I think of Narnia, only 3 came to mind. That is because only the first 3 made it the movies- as in publication order. However, when I finally reread the series this year, I learned to love Narnia any more. True, I love the four siblings, Aslan, Reepicheep, etc…. But I do some of the other characters that were introduced in the other four books- Puddlegum for instance.

Avalon: Web of Magic- 12

Yes, that does feel like a LOT of books, but I still love the series. I love the friendship between Emily, Adrienne, and Kara. Even their close relationships to the animals (each of them is pretty close to one animal in particular). Emily, for instance, is pretty close to Ozzie. The pebbles are what create the magic. True, 12 does feel a lot of books, but it still was a series I fell in love with. While it is hard to love Kara at first, you slowly learn to love her.

Sister’s Grimm- 9

A lot us have heard about the Brother’s Grimm. This series is the complete opposite- meaning Daphne and Sabrina are related to them in some way. You do see some similar fairy tale characters come to life in this series.

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