Meaningful Christian Songs

True, there are a LOT of songs that mean something to me. When it comes to music, it is known I love musical theatre and contemporary christian music. I decided to talk specifically about the songs from Fran McKendree (not the other meaningful christian songs). From 2003-2008 and 2012, he led our music on Parish Retreats. He really meant a lot to me and our church. The ones with the * are the ones I remember the most learning from 2003-2008. The others were ones I either discovered through the Parish Retreats, by Winterlight or by the CDs alone.

Winterlight 24 CD

  1. The Servant Song *
  2. Sanctuary *
  3. For the Beauty of the Earth
  4. God was There
  5. Celtic Blessing
  6. Fanga Alafia
  7. Create in Me
  8. Humble Thyself
  9. Broken
  10. Worthy
  11. We are Walking in the Light of God


  1. One Body *
  2. For the Beauty of the Earth- this version is just a little slower
  3. God Beyond Knowledge
  4. Creating God
  5. The Presence of the Lord is Here
  6. Sing a New Church
  7. The Storm is Passing Over
  8. O Gracious Light

Other Fran Songs- as in ones He led

  1. Prince of Peace
  2. Lord of the Dance *
  3. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High *

1 thought on “Meaningful Christian Songs

  1. Meg, this is a beautiful list. One of the titles reminded me of a song Eric Clapton wrote sung by Steve Winwood when they were part of a rock-n-roll group Blind Faith. It is called “The Presence of the Lord” and Clapton said he wanted Winwood to sing it as he had a better voice, which I think adds color to the song. Here is a link to a live performance and the lyrics. Keith


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