The Children of Amazing Parents

I decided today to talk about some of my favorite children that have incredible parents. They are a combo of kids and teenagers. SPOILERS AHEAD


He is the son of Mufasa, which means he is next in line to be King. Simba gets taught incredible life lessons. He really struggles a lot especially after the death of his father. Scar makes Simba, as a cub, think that he killed his father. As a cub, Simba and Nala were best friends, not knowing that they will eventually fall in love. Simba does run away after the death of his father——not wanting to return.


She is the daughter of Maurice. Even though the town thinks he is odd, Belle does not see him this way. All she wants is to keep him safe. That is why ends up taking her father’s place. She is an independent, strong, and brave character. The town calls Belle odd as well- part of that has to do with her being a bookworm.


Yes, Daddy Warbucks is unsure of Annie at first. Despite that, he still lets her stay in his house. During the time she is with her, he slowly warms up to her. Annie is a caring and optimistic girl. Eventually Warbucks ends up falling in love with Annie the same way a parent would. So, he decided to adopt her.

The Von Trapp Children

The Captain’s seven children is one of the delights of Sound of Music. Yes, the Captain may run his house strictly, but he does love his children. Maria is the one who finally brings happiness back in his life. When he hears his children singing for the first time, happiness is brought back into his life. He really does warm up to his children a lot more at that moment.


Cosette represents hope and light in Les Mis. We first learn of her through Fantine, her biological mother. Fantine is a former worker at Valjean’s factory, but got fired due to Cosette. As a result, she had to turn to prostitution- she would do anything for Cosette. When Valjean discovered what happened to Fantine, he showed compassion by agreeing to care for Cosette (at the time, Fantine was one her deathbed).

It actually turns out that Cosette was being treated as a servant at the Thenardiers’. Cosette had high hopes she will be rescued. When Valjean and Cosette entered each others’ lives, they made a huge impact. They taught each other how to love and be loved. Valjean ended up having an unconditional love for Cosette- that explains why he went to the barricades to save Marius. Cosette and Marius had to live to keep hope alive in Les Mis (another reason why they had to be a couple).

The Weasley Siblings and Harry

I had to keep all of them together. True the Weasleys had 7 biological children, but they treated Harry like their own. I love a number of these characters- particular Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny (primarily because they are the main Weasley children we spend time with). I am so glad they treated Harry like their own (at least, he has somewhere he can call home). Ron, after all, is one of his best friends.

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