June 2021 in Review

It is now July- hard to believe. June actually had a good highlight. Let me talk about June below.


Even though I am not a beach person, going to Florida is still special to me. I have been going there almost every year since I was born. My family spent time in Ponte Vedra, which is near Jacksonville. Despite it raining almost every day, we still found time at the beach. I do enjoy beach walks- I love to find Sea Glass on those walks. We spent some time at Town Center, which is an outdoor mar. CAPS is one of my family’s favorite restaurants, which is on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Reading- finished five and started two

Percy Jackson and the Olympians- Finished

I fell in love with this series in middle school and ended up playing a huge part in my love for Greek Mythology. I decided to reread the series because I finally made the decision to read Heroes of Olympus, which is the sequel to this series. I still enjoy Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I loved rediscovering the world, the characters, and finding things I didn’t pick up on the first time.

Circe and The Lost Hero- Started

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