Mark of Athena Review

Wisdom’s daughter walks alone

The Mark of Athena burns through Rome

Twins snuff out the angel’s breath

Who holds the key to endless death

Giant’s bane stands gold and pale

Won through pain from from a woven jail


Now we finally get to see our seven demigods together- Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Jason, and Piper are the ones to embark on a dangerous quest. There are actually a series of quests during this book. They do split up a couple of times. Annabeth has her quest, which she has to do alone, but at the same time she doesn’t want to lose Percy again. Even Nico is in trouble and only has a few days to live, which the demigods have to rescue from two twin giants, but they need a help of a god. Entering into Rome is dangerous for any demigod.

We finally get to see Leo’s Argo II, which he created. At least, he was able to save part of Festus, the metal dragon from The Lost Hero. He was able to use his head as the front of the ship. The demigods even have trouble getting out of the US after Camp Jupiter accidentally thought the demigods were enemies. So, they need to escape the Romans—on the Argo II, our Romans are Hazel, Frank and Jason and our Greeks are Percy, Annabeth, Leo, and Piper.

Getting to see Percy and Annabeth finally reunite was amazing. They are such an incredible couple. They don’t want to lose each other again, but even now things are dangerous. Percy has to be willing to let Annabeth go when she has to go on her own quest, which isn’t easy for Percy. Both of them are incredible characters- we finally get to see some of Percy’s insecurities- even a son of Poseidon can be scared of drowning or water even. He even is afraid he would lose Annabeth. He is one of the most powerful demigods and can’t always expect to always be the leader.

All seven demigods have to learn a lot about sacrifice, trust, teamwork, and strategy in this book. There were a number of battles and monsters to fight- so lots of action and suspense was going on. Sometimes, the strategies they use have surprised me- Jason and Percy really work well together being the sons of Jupiter (Zeus) and Poseidon. I love the talents of Leo a lot- he is such a cool kid in many ways- being able to design that ship and other things along the way. Or how Piper was able to save Jason and Percy through the help of cornucopia.

There a number of times I thought we were going to lose some of those characters- it felt like that at times or felt like they weren’t going to make it to Rome on time or even to Rome. That Coliseum battle was incredible- Percy and Jason do make an incredible team- first that hurricane and then that battle.

About Annabeth—-she had a lot on her shoulders in this book. She has to follow the Mark of Athena alone. I mean, how can she leave Percy?? After everything that happened- they already lost each other once. She is quite strong tackling her fears- the spiders and how she defeated that big spider or how she got past those nymphs? Boy. She has grown a lot since I first met her in Lightning Thief. Both Percy and Annabeth are characters that I really have become quite attached to- both as a couple and as characters.

That cliffhanger- seriously?? Scary, but at least Annabeth and Percy are together, not apart. But makes me want to read House of Hades

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