Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

Today was one of the best days ever! It has been a LONG time since I stepped foot into a theater to see a musical live. Being able to see one felt like forever- July 25th was when that chance finally came. So, it was a pretty exciting experience for me. Yes, it was at Central Piedmont Community College, but seeing a musical there is similar to seeing a musical professionally.

There seemed to be a coincidence seeing Joseph at CPCC- that was because the first time I remember seeing another musical at that community college was another biblical musical. That’s right- outside of Joseph, I also saw Godspell there.

My cast- wish I could bring up others, but will only bring up the narrator and Joseph. It will be too hard to bring up everyone

Narrator- Lindsey Schroeder

Joseph- Rixey Terry

About the narrator, she was incredible in her role. I loved her in every moment I saw her in. Even Joseph was incredible- he truly shined in “Close Every Door”, a moment I teared up in- coming into the show, I knew it was heartbreaking, but wasn’t expecting that reaction. The brothers together made up an incredible ensemble. I even loved seeing the child choir- one of which played my Young Cosette when I saw Les Mis here.

The costumes were incredible- so beautiful to look at. I even loved how the show ended- with the dancing and the confetti exploding at the end. A wonderful way to start musical theatre up again.

7 thoughts on “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

  1. Meg, we first saw Joseph at the old theater at CPCC. We sat right up front. When the Elvis like pharaoh came into the audience, my elementary school age daughter was terrified he would come over to where we were sitting. The musical was very well done and she did enjoy it. Keith

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      • Meg, the new theater is nice and probably has better backstage accommodations for the actors and stage hands, but the old theater had a very intimate feel as the audience was never too far from the stage. We and two other couples did the summer series for about five years in a row, until we got “played” out going to that and the touring Broadway series. Two plays that stand out beside Joseph is “Chess” and “Fences,”: which is a drama. Keith


      • Most of the plays I saw were at my university- one of them I dislike bringing up

        Halton Theater- Les Mis, Some Enchanted Evening, Oklahoma, Grease, Newsies, and Joseph


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