Fantasy and Mythology Series I Love

So far, all the series I love share something in common- they belong to fantasy and mythology. These series even are off various lengths- some are much shorter than others. Some of these series might seem too long, but are still incredible reads. This time, I decided to mention my favorite series and talk about their length.

Chronicles of Narnia- 7

Yes, this series is one of the long ones. There are two ways to read Narnia- by publication order or chronological order. I would pick publication order because it gives the series a lot more magic and wonder. One of the series that made me learn to love fantasy.

Narnia is a wonderful place full of talking animals, dancing trees, and then the incredible humans. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are who we get to know the best. Of course, who cannot love Aslan?

Harry Potter- 7

Two series made me learn to love fantasy- Narnia and Harry Potter. I love the Wizarding World- from Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, the creatures, and there are strong friendships. The Golden Trio face a lot of trials and challenges- from going down the trap door to figuring out the mystery of The Chamber of Secrets to locating and destroying the horcruxes, etc……

Lord of the Rings- 4

Just like Narnia, Lord of the Rings is another classic series. As a matter of fact, I like Rowling got some of her inspiration from Tolkien. There are several parallels- like the ring, the dark lord, Gandalf, the relationship between Sam and Frodo, the relationship between Merry and Pippin, and spider attacks, etc…..

Shades of Magic- 3

This was a series I learned to love last year. This is a book perfect for those who love character-based, various kinds of magic, lots of suspense and plot twists, and fast-paced books. Kell is an incredible protagonist. I love his relationship to Lila, who acts as co-protagonist- she may be a thief, but there is a lot more to her than you think (you might have to read the 2nd book to understand). I even love Alucard Emery, who you meet in the 2nd book.

Even Shades of Magic has an object similar to the Ring in Lord of the Rings- that is the Black Stone, which can easily corrupt especially if it gets in the wrong hands

His Dark Materials- 3

While I may not agree on Pullman’s views, that doesn’t stop me from loving this series. I was able to love Lyra, Pan, and the world. True, I was seeing viewpoints I did not agree with, but that wouldn’t play a factor in my enjoyment of what I was reading. I loved Lyra’s relationship to Pan.

Land of Stories- 6

What was fun about reading this series was recognizing fairy tale characters I was familiar with. At the same time, I still was able to fall in love with new characters- Alex and Conner are the main characters of the series, two fraternal twins. The Land of Stories is literally a book where fairy tale creatures live. Alex always loved those stories while her brother had to learn to love them.

Avalon: Web of Magic- 12

Well, yes this series does seem like it is too long, but I still loved it. Emily, Adrienne, and Kara have a magical friendship. Even their relationships to the animals is special especially the one they are the closest to: such as Emily’s relationship to Ozzie. I loved seeing the magic working through the stones.

Sister’s Grimm- 9

In a lot of ways, this series was the opposite of Brother’s Grimm- Daphne and Sabrina are related to them in the series. Similar to Land of Stories, we come across familiar characters, which is exciting.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians- 5

This was the mythology series that made me learn to love Greek Mythology. Percy is an incredible protagonist- you first meet him when he is 12. There are other incredible characters in the series- Annabeth, Tyson, Grover, Thalia, Chiron. Those quests may be dangerous, but they are incredible to watch. Demigods have to fight monsters a number of times when they are in the middle of a quest- usually, the Oracle predicts some things that will happen. I love Camp Half Blood

Heroes of Olympus- 5

Like expected, I also enjoy Heroes of Olympus, the sequel series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It really helps to read Percy Jackson and the Olympians first. That is because Percy and Annabeth return as major characters in the book, Camp Half Blood is one of the locations, and outside of Percy and Annabeth, you still have Tyson, Thalia, and other campers. You might be a bit confused by some things going on.

It is still is really fun spending time with the new characters- Leo, Jason, Hazel, Frank, and Piper. Complete with Annabeth and Percy, you have all seven demigods.

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