Wicked Major Milestone

Musical fans know that every meaningful musical hits special milestones in their lives.

Well, Wicked it hitting a pretty major milestone. Fifteen years ago at the Gershwin Theater, I saw Wicked for the first time. At the time, I was only 12 years old, and little did I know how much Wicked would change my life. The picture below is from my first experience with the musical. That was my first theater date with my mom- not only did we see Wicked together, but it was also a trip to NYC alone.

How many times have I seen the musical? In total, the number is four- once on Broadway and three times on tour at Ovens Auditorium. There were a number of things I learned about musicals by Wicked. I was able to discover emotional connection- most notably by Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. That was especially true through my bond I was sharing with Elphaba, who to this day, remains my favorite musical character. Not only did I discover emotional connection, but also the emotional and complex side to the musical theatre world. Four core emotions started to come into play- excitement, love, joy, and sad. If sad didn’t exist, a future emotion probably wouldn’t have easily been accepted.

Wicked actually was how I started to pick up on the concept of love triangle. Don’t remember when I started to realize there was one to begin with- however know it was connected to my first two visits to the musical. In addition, I wasn’t exactly combining emotions. Meaning, I just called “I’m Not That Girl” a sad song- not sad love song.

How did Wicked change over the years to what it was now? For starters, who the characters became was a combo of the actors I saw. That resulted in the characters becoming a lot more complex, and I become more vulnerable to what I saw. Both the love triangle and friendship deepened a lot over the years, my favorite storylines. I’m Not That Girl eventually became heartbreaking thanks to the help of On My Own- after all, both are unrequited love songs. In addition, I began to understand the plot twist a lot better, which things a whole lot clearer. Plus, emotions finally are part of No Good Deed, a song I am not the biggest fan of. Wicked gets better each time I see it- my favorite Elphaba (Mary Kate Morrissey), my favorite Glinda (Amanda Jane Copper), and my favorite Fiyero (Ashley Parker Angel).

I only am emotionally connected to Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. Each time I see Wicked, I focus primarily on the friendship and love triangle that I keep on overlooking everything else.

Some of my favorite songs: Popular, As Long as Your’e Mine, What is this Feeling, For Good, Dancing Through Life, Defying Gravity, I’m Not That Girl, Wizard and I

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