Things my Favorite Musicals have in Common

What makes you fall in love with a musical? Yes, there are usually certain elements I tend to look for, but they are not always in the musicals I love. So, what are the main things that are in ALL the musicals I love?

Positive Emotions

The negative emotions aren’t in ALL the musicals I love. That is a result of loving musicals such as Singing in the Rain- meaning there are some musicals that don’t exactly have the negative emotions. Musicals like that get their emotional side through romance. In order for the negative emotions to exist, there has to be enough conflict and complexity in the musical itself.

Songs I Love

This is pretty obvious. How can anyone love a musical if they dislike the songs? That is usually the first step. It is difficult to get to know the characters if the songs aren’t liked. The songs say a lot about the musical. The most important emotions and plot points are found in the songs. There is no way to form an emotional connection if you are disliking the songs.


This is also true. Loving the songs allows you to create an impression of the characters. They are what help you start to decide whether or not you love the characters. The emotions have to matter- positive or negative. Some songs are bittersweet- meaning there will be a balance between negative and positive emotions. If I don’t love a single character, than the emotions will not be worth feeling.


True, there are some plots some people call campy or silly, but musicals are known to be comedies- yes, I know tragedies exist and that some musicals are in between. The characters are the ones to create the plot. The most important parts of the plot will be expressed somehow through the songs and eventually through the characters. True, I tend to lean towards complex plots and characters, but there have been a few exceptions.

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