Newsies Milestone

It has been FIVE years since I fell in love with Newsies. I first saw the musical in August of 2016.

Courage cannot Erase Our Fear

Courage is when we Face our Fear

Seize the Day, Newsies

Newsies is about the Newsboy Strike of 1899. The Newsies have a close brotherly bond that they feel like family. My favorite Newsies are Jack Kelly (their leader) and Crutchie, who share an intimate and special bond. They went on strike when Pulitzer raised the price of their papers- this would make it harder on the Newsies. I love the addition of Katherine- she adds a strong female voice to a group of males and a romantic interest for Jack Kelly. Mind-blowing dance. A collection of exciting and emotional songs. “Seize the Day” is my favorite song from the musical. Katherine and Jack are also one of my favorite couples in musical theatre.

I actually saw Newsies twice- once with Blumenthal and once with CPCC. The pictures above come from CPCC’s production. Ashton Guthrie played both Curly and Jack Kelly that summer- so I got to see him twice. I remember his portrayal of Jack better- I loved the maturity he brought to Jack Kelly. However, my favorite Jack Kelly is still Joey Barreiro.

Joey Barreiro as Jack Kelly

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