My Protagonists in my WIPS

In any story, you need a protagonist (AKA the main character). I decided to let you meet ALL of them today.


She is the protagonist of Tale of the Cattail Forest, which is my main WIP. She is a 12-year-old Fairy Frog, who is spring green with magenta wings and blue eyes that sparkle like a pot of gold in the sun. She wears a multi-colored artist beret and usually is seen with a silver and gold backpack that has a pink S in the center. She is compassionate, clever, stubborn, rebellious, courageous, and adventurous. She is naturally gifted in drawing, which she is deeply invested in.


She is the protagonist of Lizzy the Lizard, a picture book. She is a curious and adventurous Lizard. She lives on a citrus farm in Florida.


They are the protagonists of The Greatest Discovery. They are fraternal twins, who both have light blue eyes and have hazel hair. They were born to Artsy and Disney-loving parents in 1998. One of the main crafts they make is outfits for dolls.

Orphaned due to a car crash, which the girls were a part of. Aurora is more innocent, stubborn, and curious, and struggles more with the loss of her parents. She would rather play with dolls and princesses than do the crafts. What helps Aurora is her doll, Mali (a doll that resembles the princess she is named after). Jasmine is more mature and protective, and got even more protective once their parents died. The plot starts when they are about 9.


She is the protagonist of my expansive world idea. I don’t know the plot. I know parts of what her world looks like. I keep thinking she is a warrior-type character- not 100% sure yet

5 thoughts on “My Protagonists in my WIPS

  1. Meg, good piece. I have watched a few shows and movies where none of the main characters are very endearing. I recognize no one is perfect, but it is unsettling when none of the leads compel you to root for them. To me, it is artful of the writer and director to let us see the protagonists’ faults, but leave them endearing enough to get behind. Keith


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