Popular Opinions Book Tag

I saw this book tag at Millay’s Musings and thought it would be fun to do.

The Questions

A popular book or series that you love

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

An underhyped book or series that you love and wish was more popular

Yes, I know a number of people are aware of Howl’s Moving Castle, but I don’t know if they realize it is part of a series

A romance (love triangle or OTP) that you love

One of the MOST recent couples I fell in love with are Percy Jackson and Annabeth, a couple I failed to notice when I read the series in middle school. I only noticed the couple when I finally read Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus this June and July.

Your favorite genre + a popular genre that you want to read more often

This is tricky- I have two main favorite genres. Choosing between classics and fantasies is tough

A popular or beloved character that you love or a character that you feel deserves more love

I will be talking about a character that deserves more love, as in an unpopular opinion. Marius is hated on for absurd reasons. Look, in my opinion, he is compassionate, brave, awkward, and kind- it took time for me to get to know him. He is now an almost core favorite character in Les Mis, and also my favorite survivor from the musical.

An autobuy author

Honestly have no idea

A popular book trope that you love reading about

Honestly have no idea

A popular series that you are excited to read

Sometimes it is hard for me to think of popular series

A popular book + film where you love the story in both formats

Lord of the Rings- this includes BOTH The Hobbit Trilogy and The LOTR Trilogy movies

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