Last Ten Books Tag

Kira Jeanette tagged me for this tag, which is actually my 2nd time doing this. I know for a fact that some of my answers will be different.

Last Book I Bought:

I actually think this was Circe, the 2nd book I read by Madeline Miller. If you love BOTH Greek Mythology and Song of Achilles, you will love this novel.

Last Book I Reread:

Can it count if I include an entire series? That is because in June, I reread the entire Percy Jackson series to prepare me for Heroes of Olympus, a series I never read. I previously read Percy Jackson in middle school, which led me to fall in love with Greek Mythology. When I read Percy Jackson again, I was spotting things I had totally forgotten about or noticed things that I totally overlooked. One suggestion—–if you plan to read Heroes of Olympus, I would recommend reading Percy Jackson because it the sequel series would be more confusing if you don’t.

Last Book I Gave Up On:

I have never given up on a book, to be honest.

Last Book I Said I Read But Didn’t:

Haven’t done this either

Last Book That I Wrote in the Margins of:

I do underline certain passages in some books. Les Misérables is one example of a book I did write in, but it really helped me understand what was going on- due to former knowledge of the musical, I did write in song names, and that helped me visualize the scene better.

Only in certain situations I do this, but not all.

Last Book That I Had Signed:

Well, I didn’t get this book signed myself, but a church member did. A church member went to an event where Gregory McGuire was there, and he was selling Wicked, a book I don’t like. However, knowing my love for the musical, she still bought the book and had it signed by the author- he was able to notice my special love for the musical- not only did he sign the book, but drew a picture of Elphaba as well.

Last Book I Lost:

I have never lost a book

Last Book I Had to Replace:

Hadn’t had to replace a book either

Last Book I Argued Over:

This has happened with my family- both with my parents and sister. It took my parents so many years to convince me to read To Kill a Mockingbird, but last year after finally watching the movie, I made the decision the read the book this year

Plus due to having a sister, I kept on trying to convince her to borrow her Harry Potter books for a reread, but it was of no success. So, for Christmas 2020, I had to ask for my own boxed set—love my set of the books- when put together in the right order, they form the castle. You can clearly see in the picture below my boxed set of Harry Potter.

Last Book You Couldn’t Find:

To Kill a Mockingbird as well. In the months leading up to reading the book, my family couldn’t find the book- my parents knew they had the book, but we just couldn’t find. Glad we finally found our copy.

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