Young Characters to Love

It seems that MOST characters that exist happen to be young- as in children to YA. Those characters have various lives and various personalities. Now, what are some of the young characters I love (ones I mention will only be book ones- meaning there could be some overlap)?

The Characters: books will be together

  1. Morrigan Crow
  2. Hawthrone Swift
  3. Alex Bailey
  4. Conner Bailey
  5. Eponine
  6. Marius
  7. Cosette
  8. Gavroche
  9. Kell
  10. Lila
  11. Amy March
  12. Meg March
  13. Jo March
  14. Beth March
  15. Mary Lennox
  16. Colin
  17. Denton
  18. Oliver
  19. Miyrem
  20. Tom Sawyer
  21. Huckleberry Finn
  22. Harry Potter
  23. Hermione
  24. Ron
  25. Fred and George
  26. Luna
  27. Tiny Tim
  28. Lyra
  29. Westley
  30. Buttercup
  31. Esther
  32. Nicholas Nickleby
  33. Smike
  34. Miyrem
  35. Percy Jackson
  36. Annabeth Chase
  37. Leo Valdez
  38. Lucy
  39. Peter
  40. Susan
  41. Edmund

Obviously, I LOVE more young characters than that. It’s just a list of book characters I can think of. Some of them actually are in the world of books and movies. Some are in the world of books and musicals. Then you have the ones that are in books, musicals, and musical movies.

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