Fantasy and Mythology Books I Love

It is well known that I love fantasy. In so many ways, the genre of mythology is similar to fantasy. Both genres are filled with quests, beasts, and made-up worlds. I decided to combine some of the fantasy and mythology books that I love.


I only JUST finished the first Nevermoor book- the world of Nevermoor is amazing. I really love what they do for Halloween and Christmas. Morrigan Crow is an incredible protagonist- as well as her best friend, Hawthrone. I also love Fenestra, Jupiter North, etc……The first book takes you through a series of trials to get you into the Wundrous Society

Wundersmith is the 2nd book and already loving it. Learning more about the society and the nine new members is wonderful. Outside of Morrigan and Hawthorne, there are other members to learn about- the one I actually remember the most is Cadence. Wundersmith actually starts where Nevermoor ended.

Heroes of Olympus

If it wasn’t for my love for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I never would have read this series. I actually loved seeing Percy and Annabeth develop even further- not just as characters, but in their relationship as well. I even loved meeting our new characters- as in the other 5 on the 2nd Great Prophecy. There were actually three couples in the books, and I loved Percy and Annabeth the most.


If you loved Song of Achilles, you will love this novel.

Song of Achilles

Before Circe, I read Song of Achilles. It is basically reading The Iliad from Patroclus’ POV, who is Achilles’ closest friend.

Shades of Magic

If you love character-driven, lots of suspense and plot twists, different kinds of magic, and a fast-paced plot, you will love this series. In addition, there are incredible characters- Kell and Lila make an incredible team. Alucard Emery is someone we don’t meet until book 2, but one of my favorite characters.

His Dark Materials

I choose to start this series because Lyra reminded me for Lila from Shades of Magic. After all, Lila from SOM is a thief, and Lyra is a schemer- see the similarity? I loved Lyra and the North. While at times, I was disagreeing with Pullman’s viewpoints, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the series. It was Lyra and the World that kept me loving the series- I was enjoying the concept of Daemons- I loved Pan.

Spinning Silver- A Rumplestilskin Retelling

I usually don’t read retellings, but didn’t mind reading this one. I had already fallen in love with Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, which helped. Even the blurb sounded interesting. The entire story feels very original- from characters to the world to the story.


This was my first Naomi Novik book. This book had an incredible protagonist- Agnieszka is much braver than she thinks. The corrupted Wood is really fascinating- it is actually more alive than one may think- it actually acts as a character in the novel. Yes, based on the blurb, you might think Sarkan (AKA The Dragon) is the actual antagonist, but in reality it is the Wood (crazy how something like that can be your antagonist)

Princess Bride

This is the kind of story that will never get old. My main problem with the book is that the chapters are way too long, but still loved the book. Think adventure, miracles, and true love. You also have those memorable lines and words.

Land of Stories

This is a series filled with familiar fairy-tale creatures and new characters. Alex and Conner Bailey get swooped into the book, Land of Stories, and meet characters like Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, etc…….They eventually get the help of other characters from other famous novels. Alex has the gift of magic while Conner has the gift of writing stories. Conner’s characters eventually help in the series.

Sister’s Grimm

Basically, this is the opposite of The Brother’s Grimm- the two main characters (Sabrina and Daphne) are related to them. Similar to LOS, familiar characters and they are protected from entering the real world.

Avalon: Web of Magic

A story of a magical friendship. Emily, Adrienne, and Kara form an unique friendship- they find their powers in stones and find connections to animals. However, each girl does really get close to one animal pal in particular- such as Emily and Ozzie.

The Iliad

Well, I first read this in 10th grade and eventually read the entire work in 2020. I actually see The Iliad/The Odyssey as a series in a way.

The Odyssey

I love The Odyssey a LOT more than The Iliad. That is because this story feels a lot more like a myth. When I think of myths, I think of quests, monsters, beasts, gods/goddesses, and heroes.

Lord of the Rings

I first fell in love with The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings in high school. I actually didn’t really realize why I loved the books until I actually saw the films. Tolkien played a huge part in what fantasy is today- I love the world of Middle Earth- from the Hobbits to Elves to Dwarves, etc……I love the quest the characters go on- difficult but worth it.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

In so many ways, this series started my love for mythology. I have loved the character of Percy Jackson for a while. My favorite characters in the series are Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and Tyson (among others). I actually reread the books this year- it was the first time I realized Percy and Annabeth were a couple. I loved the quests they go on, and the challenges they face.

Chronicles of Narnia

It is hard not to love this series. If you read it, go by publication order- gives it more magic and wonder. The world of Narnia is wonderful. Amazing in all the seasons. Incredible group of characters- The four siblings, Reepicheep, Aslan, Puddleglum, and others. One of two series that made me learn to love fantasy.

Harry Potter

This is the other series that made me learn to love fantasy. Witches, Wizards, Magic, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Friendships- reasons for loving the series. As a matter of fact, I recommend Lord of the Rings for HP fans- they share a number of similarities- from dark lords, spider attacks, a dangerous object, best friendships, a pretty major battle and a powerful wizard

I might even recommend the Nevermoor series for fans of HP- I actually think of the 1st book as if what if the students of Hogwarts had to compete to get in?

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