Humanity Shown during 9/11

Just last year in January, I saw Come From Away. Yes, it may be a musical dealing with one of the biggest tragedies in the World, but it isn’t exactly about 9/11. It is more about humanity, compassion, and being a neighbor.

All of a sudden, 38 planes had to land at the nearest airport. The only problem with Gander, Newfoundland was it was a small town. However, they still allowed the planes to land (part of those passengers were “Make a Wish” children). No one on those planes knew what was going on- why were they all of a sudden landing??? Quickly, Gander had to find the right supplies- as in shelters, blankets, etc………A small town could somehow fit everyone. Several things happened over a week- two passengers fell in love, one woman was scared for her son (who was a frontline worker for 9/11), one woman pilot made history. It is interesting how people come together in the midst of tragedies- like 9/11 or mass shootings or natural disasters.

The Day the World Came to Town” is a book that is about the actual events happening over in Gander. Come From Away used actual people and quotes from the real story. Reading it right now. Later today, on Apple TV, Come From Away will be streaming, as in the actual stage show.

4 thoughts on “Humanity Shown during 9/11

  1. Come From Away is such a beautiful show. It’s definitely up there in my top musicals without a doubt. I know it’s about 1hr 45mins with no interval, but that time passes so quickly you don’t even notice. I recommend this show to absolutely everyone! 🙂


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