Welcome to the Rock

September 11th, 2001 is one of the WORST days in history. Despite the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, etc…., there were still incredible moments of tremendous compassion and humanity. Due to this event, all of a sudden the US Airforce had to close, and planes had to land at the closest airport (for most of them, it was in Canada).

20 Years Later, Come From Away was filmed and brought to Apple TV. Come From Away is the remarkable story of Gander, Newfoundland. 38 Planes had to be redirected there—–despite the small size of Gander. Schools, Community Centers, Churches, and The Salvation Army are some places passengers were sent to. Part of these passengers were “Make a Wish” Children, who were on their way to Disney.

This particular production had an audience with frontline workers and 9/11 survivors. While watching, I realized I remembered a lot more than I thought (from the first time I saw the musical). I remembered Bonnie being concerned about the animals, the questioning of the Muslim, different religions coming together in prayer, Hannah’s concern for her firefighter son, the fun scene with some passengers wearing yellow hats, and I remembered the mention of the Gander Mascot. Here is one thing I didn’t notice- Nick and Diane’s romance (I didn’t know a couple was created.

As a matter of fact, even some of the songs sounded familiar such as “Welcome to the Rock”, “28 Hours/Wherever We Are”, etc…..As a matter of fact, the actors in Come From Away have to really talented- everyone has to play multiple roles (it’s like they are all part of the ensemble). There are a combo of fun, catchy and pretty emotional songs. You see many moments of compassion and humanity and even feel the heartbreak of 9/11 especially through the character, Hannah.

I would recommend checking this musical out or the book, The Day The World Came To Town (it is the Come From Away story)

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