Nonfiction Books I Love

There are some genres of books I find hard to love. One such genre falls under nonfiction. However, there have have a few exceptions. A lot of these books share something in common- they tend to be uplifting and inspiring stories. In addition, some of these are actually musical theatre history books, which will be listed in a separate category. I think I will also add in a TBR list, which consists of only musical theatre history books.

The Books

  1. Freedom Writers
  2. I am Malala
  3. Same Kind of Different as Me
  4. One Hundred Story Home
  5. The Day the World Came to Town
  6. Dewey
  7. Julie and Julia

Fun fact- One Hundred Story Home is written by an author from my hometown of Charlotte

Musical Theatre History Books

  1. The Movie Musical
  2. 150 Years of Popular Musical Theatre
  3. Bolton and Wodehouse and Kern

TBR Nonfiction

  1. Something Wonderful
  2. Singular Sensation
  3. Defying Gravity

6 thoughts on “Nonfiction Books I Love

    • PS – The reason I ask is historian Jon Meacham has a great book called “Soul of America” which is a terrific read. Also, if you like a fictional version of a true story, read the book about actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr called “The Only Woman in the Room.” She escaped Nazi run Austria and an overbearing husband to become a famous actress and an underappreciated inventor. Keith


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