Musical Solos I Love (Stage and Movie)

There are various types of songs in musical theatre. You have the ensemble numbers, the duets, and the solos, etc……These songs will consist of those from BOTH stage shows and musical movies.

The Songs

  1. Defying Gravity
  2. The Wizard and I
  3. I’m Not That Girl
  4. Popular
  5. Bring Him Home
  6. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  7. On My Own
  8. I Dreamed a Dream
  9. Stars
  10. Who Am I
  11. What Have I Done
  12. Wishing You Were Somewhere Here Again
  13. Music of the Night
  14. Corner of the Sky
  15. One Song Glory
  16. Out Tonight
  17. Any Dream Will Do
  18. Where I Belong
  19. If I Can’t Love Her
  20. Evermore
  21. A Change in Me
  22. Home
  23. Santa Fe
  24. Letter From the Refuge
  25. Proud of Your Boy
  26. Speechless
  27. Let It Go
  28. True Love
  29. Monster
  30. Dangerous to Dream
  31. The Next Right Thing
  32. Lost in the Woods
  33. When There was You and Me
  34. Shadowland
  35. Endless Night
  36. Beauty and the Beast
  37. Tomorrow
  38. In My Own Little Corner
  39. Sound of Music
  40. Climb Every Mountain
  41. Some Enchanted Evening
  42. This Nearly Was Mine
  43. As Long As He Needs Me
  44. The Impossible Dream
  45. My Petersburg
  46. In My Dreams
  47. Journey To The Past


I LOVE more solos than the ones I listed, but it’s what I could think of for now. These songs express a wide range of emotions- from romance to heartbreak to empowerment, etc……

4 thoughts on “Musical Solos I Love (Stage and Movie)

  1. Meg, great list! As you note at the end, is hard to list them all. The one that floored me as it came from the Mother Superior is “Climb every Mountain.” I have seen it live and, of course, in the movies, and it stops the show. Keith


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