Emotional Connections in Wicked- MAJOR SPOILERS

One of the KEY things to find in a musical belongs to emotional connection. If there is no emotional connection, then what is the point of feeling emotions. The emotional connection is the WANT, DESIRE and REASON for feeling the emotions in the first place- the reason why I love feeling the negative emotions in Wicked. In Wicked, I have a strong emotional connection to three characters, and what exactly are those characters?

Elphaba, Fiyero and Glinda

It is true, I only have an emotional connection to three characters in the musical. That is one of the reasons why I spend so much time on the friendship and the love triangle in Wicked. Wicked’s love triangle is my favorite one in the musical theatre world.The center core of Wicked belongs to Elphaba and Glinda, the two protagonists. Let me say why I love these particular characters.


As a matter of fact, Elphaba is my favorite musical theatre character. I strongly relate to Elphaba- for one thing, I know what it is like to be different and at times have felt misunderstood. In addition, I have a big heart, am impulsive and believe in staying true to myself and in equality. Also, I love her strength and courage and complexity. In addition, many people can relate to having a best friend.

As for Glinda, I can relate to part of her as well- as in her outgoing personality. These two girls have such a powerful and beautiful friendship and are quite loyal to each other. Meaning they wouldn’t get a boy get in the way- shown through the love triangle. It really strengthens their friendship in so many ways.

What about Fiyero? Yes, at first glance, he can be hard to like because he starts off as a bit of a jerk. Well, a huge reason why I LOVE him comes from his development- he goes from being a jerk to softening up to becoming a mature and courageous young man. Well, another reason does come from his surprising role in the love triangle——well, what about the unrequited love scenario? Why does it all of a sudden jump from Elphaba to Glinda? That is why I decided to pay close attention to Fiyero the 4th time I saw Wicked- to try to understand why that even happened. The Lion Cub Scene- well, in that scene, Elphaba and Fiyero were playfully flirting with each other “almost as if he had a crush on her”, and based on my actor, he decided to have weaker chemistry with Glinda and stronger chemistry with Elphaba- almost as if Glinda and Fiyero weren’t meant to be. Even after that scene, he couldn’t even stop thinking about it.

There were only TWO people in Elphaba’s life who truly accepted her as who she is- BOTH Glinda and Fiyero. Another reason to love Fiyero.

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