Meaning of Les Mis

While Wicked may have sparked the love, it didn’t make me a musical theatre fanatic. Another musical would be responsible for that. I fell in love with Wicked August of 2006 and seven years later in 2013, Les Mis would enter my life. Now, what was Les Mis’ meaning?

This is new:

Well, I NEVER thought a musical like Les Mis would enter my life. Prior, I thought tragic musicals didn’t exist. I was convinced I would NEVER love a tragedy. I had to be “tricked” to see the musical film. So, I wasn’t told it was a tragedy when I first saw it. I actually had to see the film a 2nd time to become a fan. A musical I would become obsessed with.

There were a number of new things I discovered when Les Mis entered my life. Firstly, I was blind to tragic musicals. So, the genre was new to the musical world. Second, a 5th core emotion began to exist- heartbreak, one of my favorite emotions expressed in song.

I got a new impression on death. I once thought death was unmemorable and wouldn’t happen during song. Well- “Come to Me”, “A Little Fall of Rain”, and “Finale” happen during Les Mis deaths. They also are memorable and bittersweet. Plus, the characters aren’t alone. Compassion is shown during those moments. Les Mis is way more than tragedy due to its spiritual nature. Les Mis literally challenged what I once thought about musicals.

4 thoughts on “Meaning of Les Mis

  1. Meg, well said. We first met online when you commented on a repost of a Les Miserables piece I did. It has so many lessons therein – people can change, people can be better than their circumstances, people need to be treated with dignity and humanity, and love can range from a unrequited love as Eponine feels for Marius to fatherly love to an adopted daughter between Jean Valjean and Cosette to romantic love between Cosette and Marius. It truly takes you through many emotions. Keith


      • Meg, I am delighted for you that you discovered these musicals can take you through such a range of emotions. Think “West Side Story” or ‘South Pacific” which are wonderful musicals, but will do the same. Keith


      • Well, I discovered sad in musicals before Les Mis entered my life. I picked up on that emotion through Wicked and even the concept of love triangles.

        I tend to be drawn towards complex musicals with complex characters and plots that have a score filled with positive and negative emotions

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