Changed For Good

It’s hard to believe that the first time I saw Wicked was fifteen years ago. Now, fifteen years ago, I saw the musical for the 5th time.

The Cast

Elphaba (Standby)- Natalia Vivino

Glinda- Allison Bailey

Fiyero- Jordan Litz

Boq (Understudy)- Matt Densky

Nessarose- Amanda Fallon Smith

Madmae Morrible- Sharon Sachs

The Wizard- Clevant Derracks

My Review

This was Charlotte’s first tour since musicals closed during the pandemic. It felt so good to be back in one of Blumenthal’s theaters. Just like fifteen years ago, this was a date with my mom. I had two understudies- one for Elphaba and the other for Boq. The actors I usually look forward to the most belong to those who play Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero, the only three characters I am emotionally connected to in Wicked.

Natalia Vivino was an amazing Elphaba. Like expected, I teared-up during “I’m Not That Girl, the unrequited love song. She has an amazing voice, which truly started to show during “Wizard and I”. My favorite Elphaba costume is her act II dress and from where I was sitting, I could see it sparkle at times. The Lion Cub Scene- this time around, Elphaba noticed her love for Fiyero a few moments sooner than last time.

Allison Bailey was funny as Glinda. Like any Elphaba and Glinda pair, I was able to be in tears during “For Good”. Just at times, in act II she struggled with some of Glinda’s pain she was supposed to be showing. But at least, I was able to feel the emotion came out during “For Good”, the most emotional song in the song. Jordan Litz as Fiyero was incredible as well- incredible voice.

Below are pictures from the time I saw Wicked in NYC and now- so its like things came full circle.

The ensemble was really talented. The set, as always, was very colorful and OZian and same with the costumes. Still love Wicked- still a spectacular musical!

3 thoughts on “Changed For Good

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