Wicked- 2006 to 2021

It is amazing to think of a musical’s journey in your life. Wicked really has changed a lot throughout the years. What is crazy to think is that is has always been the same story, characters, and songs.

The pictures below are from 2006 and 2013, as in the first and third time I saw the musical. During the first two times I saw the musicals, I was able to understand emotional connection along with the emotional and complex side to musicals. Wicked was also the musical where I first picked up on the concept of love triangle. During those two times- there were four core emotions: excitement, love, joy, and sad.

Then during the second and third time, I knew there were still answers to discover about the love triangle- I thought the only thing I still didn’t understand was the plot twist. During high school, there came a point where sad just stopped developing. So sad wasn’t able to turn into heartbreak in the musical theatre world. I knew which characters in the musical I was most connected to- Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. I also knew that each time I saw Wicked, I discovered new things about them.

It was the 4th time when Wicked really went through some unexpected changes- as in between the 3rd and 4th time and while watching it. Due to Les Mis entering my life, I was able to pick up on the emotion of heartbreak. “On My Own” was key to helping me realize “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreaking- after all both are unrequited love songs. So there there were still two things I needed to learn about the love triangle- the heartbreaking nature of “I’m Not That Girl” and the plot twist. By this point, I already knew a LOT about Elphaba- the caring, strong, courageous, and determined character.

Something really took me off guard during the 4th time- new emotions existed that I never felt. “No Good Deed” was emotionless since 2006, but when I saw the musical in 2016 with my university, I finally felt emotions- anger and frustration. I even understood the plot twist better- Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba since Shiz- after all, his interactions with Elphaba during the Lion Cub scene and the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about the scene. What my actor did was brilliant- Ashley Parker Angel decided to have stronger chemistry with Elphaba but weaker chemistry with Glinda. I even saw a new characteristic in Elphaba- talkative.

What happened this 5th time? Like usual, I teared up during “I’m Not That Girl” and “For Good”. But, did I discover anything new. Well, I picked up on Elphaba’s love for Fiyero sooner during the Lion Cub Scene- they still were being a bit playful despite arguing a bit. Actually two characters mentioned “will you let anyone else talk?” to Elphaba. Well, I saw more signs helping foreshadow that plot twist- both Elphaba and Fiyero couldn’t stop thinking about the Lion Cub scene, and Fiyero is the one who looked the hardest for Elphaba (makes sense if you love her). Fiyero is a character who seems to develop the most in speaking scenes, and is hard to understand.

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