Musicals with Death

There are some musicals that exist where characters get killed off. However, there are some instances where I keep on overlooking the death. Death can be memorable, and when it is, I don’t think I would want to spare the characters’ life or if it is meant to be in the musical.

The Musicals

  1. Wicked
  2. Les Mis
  3. Rent
  4. Lion King
  5. Oliver
  6. South Pacific
  7. Man of La Mancha
  8. Miss Saigon
  9. West Side Story

By the way, it is easy to forget about character death in some musicals, but not for others. Death didn’t become memorable until Les Mis entered my life. I was able to learn that songs can happen while a character is dying. Would I even want to save a character from death? No, not if it is meant to happen in the musical and if there is meaning and is touching.

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