Favorite Live Action Disney Movies

There are a love are Disney movies, and some started out as animated movies. I decided to make a list for those I love.


This is the first live action Disney I remember. Lily James was incredible as Cinderella. I loved how they showed more backstory to both Cinderella and the Prince; and the present.

The Jungle Book

It is hard to describe why I loved this movie so much. The animals look like real animals.

Beauty and the Beast

For starters, you learn more about Belle. As in, you learn more about her mother. Plus, you learn more about The Beast- as in why did he have his anger problem. I also even love the added song, “Evermore”. Among other things. The title song in this movie makes me tear up—–Beauty and the Beast.


Just like B & B, the added song is another song that I love, which is “Speechless”. Still magical- with the genie and the magic carpet.

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