Tale of the Cattail Forest- Protagonist vs Antagonist Profiles

Today, I decided to put down the character profiles of my protagonist and antagonist in Tale of the Cattail Forest.


Role- Protagonist

Type of Character– Fairy Frog

Age– 12

Appearance– Spring Green, Blue Eyes, Magenta Wings, Multi-Colored Artist Beret

Relationships– Best friends with Misty and under the leadership of Aries, and eventual friends with Marge

Skill in Art– Drawing, which she is deeply invested in- part of why she always carries around her silver and gold backpack

Personality Traits– Compassionate, clever, rebellious, adventurous, courageous, stubborn

Home– Fairy Creek and her favorite location there is The Gazebo


Role– Antagonist

Type of Character– Toad

Age– 17

Appearance– Black eyes, dark gray green, physical scars

Relationships– Cousins with Marge, Mother left him at 4, Father abused him from 4-13 leaving him with physical and emotional scars, and leader of the Toads. By the way, Marge and her father do love Sarge, but his uncle couldn’t help him because he was trying to protect his daughter (it was complicated- he really wanted to help- if only he could protect both Marge and Sarge)

Personality– Confused, conflicted, broken, lonely, having nightmares, oblivious to love, compassion, and kindness, and a bully. All he really needed was the right kind of affection, which he didn’t have growing up

Home– Graysloup, The Bog is the only place he felt safe growing up (located in Graysloup)

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