Childhood Favorite Books- as in Elementary and Middle

We all have childhood favorites in different forms. Examples include music, books, and locations, etc….I decided to mention my favorite childhood books- some of which I reread this year.

Frog and Toad Series

Interesting that I loved those as a child. That is because several years later I would write a book with Fairy Frogs and Toads. In simple terms, Tale of the Cattail Forest is about an unlikely friendship between Fairy Frogs and Toads.

Magic Tree House Series

While I may not be a history fan, I still loved this series when I was younger. I owned several of these books. I loved the magic of the treehouse and some of the missions the kids had to go on. It wasn’t just history- on top of the history, the series was also magical.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Now, this is a series I learned to love in middle school. A LOT of my love for Greek Mythology comes from Percy Jackson. Reread the series this summer, which was helpful in reading Heroes of Olympus.

Harry Potter

Just one of two series that made me learn to love fantasy. Yes, I began with the films and soon was reading the series, which were my sister’s books. Last year, I had to ask for my own set of books- soon will reread them.

Chronicles of Narnia

Was it elementary or middle school when I first read the books? I know like HP I started with films and then went to the books. The other series that started my love for fantasy. If you ever decide to read them, go by publication order- gives it more magic and wonder.


I wish I could include more, but it is hard thinking of ALL my favorite childhood books.

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