Fantasy and Mythology Worlds- What makes them Incredible?

One of the greatest things about fantasy and mythology belongs to the worlds they belong in. However, NOT all of them are ones we fall in love with. So, what exactly makes us fall in love with the ones we do love?

Types of Characters

So, there are wonderful characters in these worlds- as in those outside of a typical human. Even if you see a regular human, they still have something special about them- like going on quests or having a special gift

  1. Wizards and Witches
  2. Demigods
  3. Centaurs
  4. Hobbits
  5. Dwarves
  6. Antari
  7. Elves
  8. Princes, Princesses, Kings, and Queens
  9. Talking Animals with Wonderful Personalities

These types of characters above are ones I found in the worlds I fell in love with- among other types of characters. One of the greatest things about Narnia are their talking animals and trees. In Middle Earth, I love their Hobbits and Elves. In PJ and HOO, there are so many demigods to love. In HP, one of the greatest things belongs to their witches and wizards and the trials they have to face.


Hogwarts– wouldn’t you love traveling to school by train and receiving your acceptance letter by Owl? Close by, there is Hogsmeade, a fun place to explore. Even the sorting ceremony is fun- living in a particular house for seven years, who turn into a family of sorts. The fun in seeing qudditch. Even the moving staircases is an amazing part of the castle. While Diagon Alley isn’t part of Hogwarts, still part of that world- where you buy supplies- such an amazing place.

Middle Earth– the incredible Shire (home of the Hobbits)

Narnia– the seasons there are incredible and the beautiful water and the talking trees

Camp Half Blood– this demigod camp this amazing, from Capture the Flag to the Lava Rock Climbing Wall to their Oracle, who prophesizes the quests

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