Hope in the Friends of the ABC

While Les Mis is tragic and heartbreaking, one of its biggest takeaways is hope. One of the strongest places where you notice this spiritual theme is found in the Friends of the ABC. They are an incredible group of characters.

Matt Shingledecker (Enjolras), Joshua Grosso (Marius), and the Students

The Friends of the ABC is literally a political group of college students led by Enjolras. They are planning an uprising due to a weak government. They have such a strong brotherly bond that they feel like family. Of everyone in the group, Enjolras is the most passionate. They have a strong passion and hope- you really feel it the strongest during “Do you Hear the People Sing”, their revolutionary number.

Even during the uprising, you still can see their passion even at their most vulnerable moments- as shown in “Drink with Me”- during that number, you can tell they know they are going to lose and most likely die, but you really can strongly feel their brotherly bond. Marius, at the moment, has already gone through one tragedy at the barricade- as in he has already lost Eponine (she meant something to him), and still devastated and worried about whether or not we will see Cosette again. Even when Enjolras gives them a chance to leave, they still put despite knowing they are going to die- they still have hope even at that moment.

Even the Darkest Night will End and the Sun will Rise

Finale, Les Mis

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