Required Christmas Movies

It is close to the Christmas season, and that means about time to start watching Christmas movie. In my opinion, there are movies that must be watched every year. Now, what are those exactly?

Man Who Invented Christmas

If you love Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, this is a movie you should watch. It is about the creation of that famous novel. As someone writing books, I am able to notice things that other people may not see. “A Christmas Carol” is my favorite Dickens’ book.

A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)

This became a family tradition growing up- to watch this particular movie. Another reason to watch Man Who Invented Christmas- if you watch any version of A Christmas Carol year after year, than start with the creation movie. My favorite Christmas movie is the George C. Scott version—-I was raised with it, and the biggest reason why the story is my favorite Dickens.


If A Christmas Carol wasn’t my favorite Christmas movie, Elf would have. Such a fun family movie.

White Christmas

Considering that I love musicals, I had to include a Christmas musical movie.

Home Alone 1/2

The first 2 Home Alone movies are just so funny especially during the prank scenes. The way our main character is able to set up the traps and plan is amazing. Home Alone doesn’t go past the 2nd one in my opinion.

1 thought on “Required Christmas Movies

  1. My husband and I really enjoyed The Man Who Invented Christmas. And Elf is one of the first Christmas movies I watch every year after Thanksgiving. Love that movie! Love White Christmas too! On Thanksgiving Day, we always watch Miracle on 34th Street during the day while cooking and all. Then that night, I make homemade hot cocoa and we watch The Polar Express. The Santa Clause movies are favorites that we look forward to watching every year as well.


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