Friends of the ABC and Newsies

Yesterday, I talked about two parallels found in musical theatre. Today, I decided to continue that series- this time with two groups. One is found in a Disney musical and the other is from a classic novel.

The Newsies

In the musical, the Newsies are a group of brothers who have a close bond that they feel like family. They are led by Jack Kelly, a dreamer and romantic, who cares deeply about his brothers especially Crutchie, his best friend. They have a cause (the strike) they strongly believe in and have high hopes for it. They may be underdogs, but are an amazing group of brothers.

Jack Kelly is someone who cares more about his brothers than the cause. He is willing to call it off the strike in order to protect them. After a big fight broke out, it left him with inner conflict—-seeing his brothers getting hurt and Crutchie arrested. This inner conflict in many ways makes Jack Kelly a complex character.

The Friends of the ABC

This political student group in Les Mis is so similar to the Newsies. Both have a strong brotherly bond and a strong passion and hope for their cause. Enjolras, their leader, is the most passionate about the uprising. While Enjolras cares a lot about his brothers, he has a stronger passion for the uprising. These guys stay passionate to the end——even when they know they will die. You even see a vulnerable side when it comes to them- as shown in “Drink with Me”.

Most of their songs are full of passion and hope, but “Drink with Me” shows their bond in an intimate way, but at a heartbreaking time. At this time, the students do feel hopeless and wonder if the ones they love will miss them. They even have realized that most likely they will most likely die. Marius is still devastated over the loss of Eponine- not knowing how much more trauma he will face.

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