All the Series Read This Year

One of the best ways to get many books read is to work on a series. For the most part, series tend to fall under fantasy or mythology. Just like last year, I read a couple of series- one of which was new to me, but not entirely new. What were they?

Chronicles of Narnia

These books started the year. I actually read the books several years ago, but decided it was time for a reread. In my opinion, you should read them in publication order- gives the series more magic and wonder. Just an incredible world- talking animals and creatures, fun trees, and wonderful seasons. Even home to incredible kings and queens- not just referring to Aslan, but to the humans as well.

Howl’s Series

This series was strange and weird, but good. True, it is the type of series that doesn’t connect well, but in so many ways they do. You have to read Howl’s Moving Castle in order to understand the next two- or else nothing makes sense. Yes, each has a different protagonist and antagonist, but three of your major characters are in all three (Sophie, Howl, and Calcifcer) as they are closer than you think.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I fell in love with this mythology series in middle school and decided to reread it after making up my mind to read its sequel. The series is a huge reason why I love Greek Mythology. I had a feeling I would understand HOO better if I reread Percy Jackson. I love Camp Half Blood- from Capture the Flag to the Lava Rock Wall to the Oracle to the Campers, etc……I love the different quests our heroes go on and some of the relationships that are formed.

Heroes of Olympus

In some ways, reading Heroes of Olympus wasn’t new. That was because the series was connected to Percy Jackson. I only had to discover a new camp and new characters. Of the new characters, my favorite character ended up being Leo. Between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood, I prefer Camp Half Blood. Heroes of Olympus- I feel like some quests they go on are more dangerous, and due to not having an Oracle in some books, it makes it kind of tricky. Glad Annabeth and Percy are part of this series- love them as a couple and individually as characters, and this series really allows them to grow (they couldn’t bear to see each other apart)


While yes, it was only three books out of the nine, at least I got the series started. I was told fans of Harry Potter would love Nevermoor, leading me to want to read the books. Morrigan Crow is an incredible character, who ends up with a “found family” after Jupiter North took her away from her unloving biological family. Nevermoor is an incredible city- I love the Hotel Decualion and the Wundrous Society. I love what the city does at Halloween and Christmas Time. The Hotel is a pretty interesting one—changing its look a lot in your bedroom. So much to love about that city.

Outside of those she loves at the hotel, she also found friends through Unit 919–those who got accepted into the Wundrous Society with Morrigan. She already was best friends with Hawthorne. At first, she and Cadence didn’t like each other, but soon became friends. Those two were the only ones who really could accept her for who she is—-unlike the rest of her Unit.

Harry Potter

I started the series in November, but another reread of the year. Narnia and HP were the series responsible for my love for fantasy. Love the worlds of Narnia and Hogwarts. Sorcerer’s Stone is an incredible book—gets even better once the magic truly enters (that would start in Diagon Alley), and gets stronger at Hogwarts. Most likely, in December I might start Chamber of Secrets—-if I keep reading at this rate.

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