Christmas Musicals I Saw

There is only one type of musical I watch once a year. Those belong to Christmas musicals, which get watched over the Holidays. I have seen a couple of them.


I was an usher for the Children’s Theater Fall of 2014. That resulted in being able to see the musical version of A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Story- The Musical

2018 was the year I saw the MOST musicals- a year of 5 shows. At first, I had no interest in seeing this musical. After graduating from Gardner Webb, I decided to join Club Blume, the young adult club of Blumenthal Performing Arts. Their first Informance was for A Christmas Story—–so why not? After hearing that those who wrote the music for A Christmas Story also did Greatest Showman, I decided to see it.

A Christmas Story is funny and emotional (not emotional in the sad way). For several years, I thought the only dog for musicals was Sandy. But A Christmas Story added a couple more- those dogs were funny on stage.

White Christmas

This is the must-watch film for Christmas. Hard to say why, but one I really love. It centers on two veterans and what they will do for their general when they come to a Vermont hotel.

Jingle Jangle

A Netflix Original; creative and inventive. The dancing is similar to the dance in Greatest Showman. It is almost as if we are watching that movie, but set over Christmas. Journey is a character you can easily fall in love with- her spirit and personality make her lovable. Even non-human characters are incredible- I am referring to Buddy the Robot here.

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