Annie Live Review

On the 2nd of December, NBC did an Annie special. To this day, the musical remains my favorite childhood musical. That is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I was looking forward to watching it. Plus, I had seen one of the orphans before—–in 2017, I had Sophie Knapp as Young Cosette, and she also ended up playing an orphan in this production of Annie. It was going to be based off of the stage version of Annie——so songs that only come from the stage show were going to be used.

Like any version of Annie, I felt like a kid watching it. They cast an incredible Annie, who was incredible from the beginning to end. I usually am not that emotional during “Maybe”, but this time almost in tears. Annie and the orphans together were incredible- their dancing and singing was fantastic- as first shown in “Hard Knock Life”, one of the best songs from the musical.

You know a childhood musical is incredible when it makes you feel like a kid. That is exactly what I felt. I first realized they were using songs from the musical when Annie first escaped. For starters, she sang “Tomorrow” with Sandy, and second, the poor sang their own song, which isn’t in the 1982 movie I fell in love with. Plus, when she first came Daddy Warbucks’ mansion, they sang “NYC”, which really makes you believe you are in New York City. I loved Warbucks’ version of “Something was Missing”, which makes you understand his fatherly love for Annie.

Annie is a perfect musical for the Holidays because it takes place around Christmas time- if you are talking about the stage show

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