The Oddest Musical Theatre Parallel

True, there are many parallels in the world of musical theatre. I have found this in a number of characters, but I found one that I still can’t quite figure out. It is one of the ones found in Wicked and Les Mis, which is between Fiyero and Enjolras. MAJOR SPOILERS


He is more complex than he appears, and the male romantic lead in a love triangle. In Wicked, he goes through a drastic transformation. From being a bit of a jerk to softening up to becoming a mature and courageous young man. In some ways, he develops more in speaking scenes- the Lion Cub Scene for instance. He causes a massive plot twist in act II- as in making the unrequited love change from Elphaba to Glinda. Well, his chemistry was always stronger with Elphaba, and there were clues during act I that point to this change.


He is the leader of the Friends of the ABC in Les Mis. He is the most passionate about the uprising. He never gives up, no matter what, even at the end——that would result in his death. Enjolras, at one point, does give the students a chance to leave, but they don’t due to their strong bond and their passion.


Why on earth am I am paralleling these characters? The only similarity I can find is their courage, which you don’t spot until act II of Wicked (only because Fiyero doesn’t have courage until that moment). All I know is that actors tend to play both characters- based on the fact that three of my Enjolras actors did play Fiyero at some point.

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