Favorite Book Female Protagonists

In any type of storytelling, it is really important to form an emotional connection to the characters. It is really important to have that connection to the protagonist- after all, that is that the story is focused around. Now, who are some of my favorite book female protagonists (this will include some of mine)?

The Characters

  1. Morrigan Crow- Nevermoor Series
  2. Circe
  3. Ella- Ella Enchanted
  4. Alice- Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass
  5. Miyrem- Spinning Silver
  6. Agnieszka- Uprooted
  7. Lyra- His Dark Materials Trilogy
  8. Esther- Bleak House
  9. Mary Lennox- Secret Garden
  10. The March Sisters- Little Women
  11. Lucy and Susan Pevensie- Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe
  12. Alex Bailey- Land of Stories Series
  13. Sparkle- Tale of the Cattail Forest
  14. Jasmine and Aurora- Greatest Discovery


To be honest, this isn’t ALL of my favorite female protagonists in the book world. This is just what I can think of for now. Glad I am was able to include some of my own, which belonged to Sparkle, Jasmine and Aurora.

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