The Musicals of 2021

Every year, I always have a post talking about the musicals I went to. At the beginning of the year, there was no way of knowing if I would see one or not due to the pandemic. It would be difficult if I did not see at least one- that is usually my goal every year. Well, this year actually consisted of two musicals, which were ones that I love.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

This was done at Central Piedmont Community College over the Summer. If CPCC does a production, most likely the show will feel professional. This cast had a really talented narrator and Joseph. I actually teared up during “Close Every Door”—-yes, I knew the song was heartbreaking coming in, but wasn’t expecting that reaction. I loved both the children’s chorus and the brother ensemble. By the way, one of the children was my Young Cosette in CPCC’s production of Les Mis back in 2013 (loved that I got to see her again).


Well, this was my 5th time seeing the musical and happening at a milestone year for the musical. After all, I first fell in love with Wicked fifteen years ago in NYC. As a matter of fact, this was Charlotte’s first tour since the shutdown of musicals last year. Still a spectacular musical- still feels Ozian with the sets, costumes, and songs. I had two understudies- got the standby for Elphaba and an understudy for Boq. About the costumes, I noticed Elphaba’s act II costume sparkle.

I loved my Elphaba the most- teared up when I expected. I even noticed her love for Fiyero sooner than I thought. I was hoping to cry during “For Good”, and I did. While Glinda struggled at times, at first she was funny and had strong chemistry with Elphaba during “For Good”. Even Fiyero was amazing- such an incredible voice.


Good thing, I still saw musicals in 2021. I NEVER saw Joseph on stage before, and that was why I am glad that I was able to see it in person. In the case of Wicked, I am glad I was able to see it in person in a milestone year in my journey with it- being my 5th time during my 15th year loving it.

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