All my Tale of the Cattail Forest Characters

It is true I have MORE than one WIP, but I have one main one. That one is Tale of the Cattail Forest, a story about an unlikely friendship between Fairy Frogs and Toads. Below is my Summary Blurb.

After moving to Fairy Creek where the Fairy Frogs live, Sparkle explores her new surroundings to pursue her craft. She is always looking for adventure and new places to draw, but when she ventures out beyond Fairy Creek into Graysloup, she encounters some toads, meets new challenges, and makes unlikely friendships. The friendships all begin when she decides to befriend a young toad named Marge.

Things become challenging after encountering Sarge, leader of the toads, who tries to prevent all the friendships. Will the courage and cleverness of the Fairy Frogs stop Sarge from breaking up these new friendships? The frogs and toads learn how to use their talents and explore new ways of developing compassion and friendships.

The Characters- Possible Spoilers

Fairy Frogs (all are clever and compassionate with translucent wings and spring green)

Sparkle (12 Years Old)

She is my protagonist, who has blue eyes that sparkle in the sun, magenta translucent wings with gold trim, and a multi-colored artist beret. She always carries around a silver and gold backpack with a pink “S” in the middle. She is naturally gifted in drawing, a craft she discovered at age 3, which she is deeply invested in. She is rebellious, adventurous, courageous, stubborn and doesn’t listen well to authority. Best friends with Misty

Misty (12 years old)

She is a major character, who has light blue translucent wings with gold trim, hazel with more blue eyes, and a white dress with yellow flowers on it. Naturally gifted in singing, and discovered late (as in age 5). Protective of her best friend, which is why it is hard for her to find time to invest in her craft, as in writing her music and performing it.

Celeste (8 years old)

One of my two minor FF characters. She has pink translucent wings with gold trim, hazel eyes with more green, and an apron with pieces of pottery on it. Naturally gifted in pottery- at an exciting time in her life because starting at age 8, you really can start experimenting with your craft. Her major flaw though is borrowing Felipe’s woodcarving tools and forgetting to return them or accidentally loosing them.

Tweetsie (5 years old)

Another minor FF character. She has lilac wings with gold trim, light blue eyes, and has a pink bow. She is still trying to figure out her natural talent. She is extremely energetic, which can drive Sparkle nuts. Part of that energy comes from her age, and part might have to do with what she is naturally gifted in.


There is a lot more to Tweetsie than one might think. You even are able to discover her natural talent- performance, a tough talent to find, which usually takes a while to discover. Meaning she will be a triple threat. For a while, you might think she is just energetic, but that isn’t the case. She has some courage inside of her- first standing up to Sarge in Fairy Creek- and second heading to Graysloup. For some reason, she had some intuition at a moment- when Sarge “kidnapped” the toads at night- she knew something was off and alerted Sparkle (due to that, she was allowed to look for them).

Aries (In his 30s)

Another major character in the book. He has orange wings with a gold trim, green eyes, and wears a red construction hat with a white “A” in the middle. He actually serves as three things in the story- uncle to Darcy, head construction leader, and leader of the Fairy Frogs. So, his talent is in construction. He is a confident and good leader despite doubting himself at times- he sometimes asks his nephew for advice at times. He has one very important rule “don’t enter Graysloup or interact with the toads”. He knows to keep a close eye on Sparkle- knowing in the past she has gotten in trouble a lot.

Darcy (15 years old)

He has red wings with a gold trim, green eyes, and wears a woodcarving belt with pieces of abstract sculptures on it. So, his craft is in sculpture. He has to ask his uncle advice at times. Darcy, actually, is next in line to be leader of the Fairy Frogs. He is best friends with Felipe (the two are quite similar, but at the same time different in some ways).

Felipe (14 years old)

He has navy blue wings with light green eyes, and wears a woodcarving belt with a woodcarving effect on it. So, he is gifted in woodcarving. As a matter of fact, sometimes he gives some of his woodworking to Darcy (for part of his sculptures).

Toads (the color of gray green; male- darker, female- lighter)

Sarge (17 years old)

He is actually my antagonist. He is the darkest in color with pitch black eyes and physical scars. He is dealing with emotional scars from his past- most of which came his abusive father, who abused him from 4-13 years old. After his mother left him when he was 4, he was left with his father (unlike his uncle, who was loving). He is conflicted, confused, broken, more lonely than he realized, and has an anger problem. Growing up, he found on place of comfort, which was found in The Bog, the one place his father didn’t know existed. This past led him to have nightmares, which were actually memories, which don’t help things but makes things worse. Oblivious to compassion, love, and kindness—-he ended up bullying others, in particular his younger cousin, Marge (who got the better father). Supposed to be the toad’s leader, but not doing a good job of it.


Something surprised me—–in the novel, he does get worse and worse. As in trying to break up the friendship more and more. But a moment comes when everything falls apart, and he has this “aha” moment, and soon enough redeems enough. He eventually needs the help of Sparkle- I never once thought my protagonist would help my antagonist.

Marge (12 years old)

She is one of my major characters, who serves as the catalyst character. The reason why the story even kicks off. Deep down she loves her cousin, but doesn’t know how to show it due to being his easiest target. Growing up, she wasn’t allowed to see her uncle to keep her safe—-her father had a struggle (he wanted to help his nephew, but he still had a daughter to protect). Due to the way, Sarge was treating her and the toads, she knew how bleak the situation in Graysloup was, and was able to gain an amazing part of wisdom. She was able to tell Sparkle what was going on—-that was the start. Despite Sarge being her cousin, she still kept on standing up to him.

Norg (19 years old)

Another major character, who does act as a secondary antagonist. I find him to be one of the most interesting characters in the story. He has an incredible character arc (SPOILERS)- going from Sarge’s spy to eventually siding with the Fairy Frogs (a result of Sarge blowing up on Norg). He always remembered Sarge’s father- he didn’t know how. Sarge somehow trusted him—-he somehow forgot about the short friendship they used to have.

Claude (15 years old)

He does show that the toads in Graysloup act up not because they want, but because Sarge demands them to. He soon befriends Darcy and Felipe, two Fairy Frogs around his same age.

Effa/Rudy (10 years ago)

They are identical twins, who I like call peas in a pod. Originally, I wanted them in the novel so that way Marge wouldn’t be the only girl toad, but as I was writing the novel, I finally found their purpose. Effa and Rudy are two other minor characters- soon becoming friends with Celeste.

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