Winter Scenes I Love in Books

It is a well-known fact that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I am surprised to say that I have NOT yet mentioned any of my favorite Christmas moment in books. Some of these scenes repeat throughout their series or throughout the individual book.

Nevermoor Christmas

Christmas in the City of Nevermoor is amazing. The battle between the Yule Queen and Saint Nicholas is pretty magical—–everyone is usually supporting one over the other. The Yule Queen supporters are usually wearing green while the Saint Nicholas supporters wear red. On Christmas Day, one of them brings a blanket of snow while the other brings a stocking of presents. Found in more than one of the books.


Who wouldn’t love Christmas at Hogwarts? Being a magical school, the Great Hall is very festive, along with the House Dormitories. For Harry, it really is his first time truly experiencing Christmas- being with friends and receiving gifts. Christmas is pretty magical there- Harry is there with Ron, one of his two best friends during the first two years.

Who gives Harry presents on Christmas? Ron, Hermione, Mrs. Weasley and Hagrid. Those are some of the first people, who are treating him well. Ron and Hermione are his best friends while Mrs. Weasley is treating him like her son. Hagrid is another friend of Harry’s, who is one of the first ones to take him away from the Dursleys and accept him for who he is.

Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe

Due to taking place in a snowy landscape, it makes perfect sense to include this book. The White Witch cursed Narnia to be in an eternal Winter—-meaning no ice skating or even Christmas. It is just the landscape of Winter that makes it a perfect scene of Christmas. But with the arrival of Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter, hope comes and we start feeling Christmas. The moment when they meet Santa, Winter starts to melt. He gives them tools to help in the near future- Peter (a sword and shield), Susan (bow and arrow), and Lucy (dagger and healing potion)

Spinning Silver

True, I struggle with retellings, but this was an exception. What convinced me to want to read this book was previously reading Uprooted, another Naomi Novik book. In addition, the summary blurb even convinced me. I kinda of forgot what I loved for its wintry scenes, but I still loved it.

Tale of the Cattail Forest- my book

True, my novel may not exactly have a Christmas or Winter scene, but I know how beautiful it can be. That is based on the fact that Fairy Frogs are naturally gifted in the arts and have a number of celebrations during the year. Those celebrations help all the Fairy Frogs show many of their talents at once. Usually ends up being some of their best. Some of them have to work together- look at the singers, performers, and dancers—–usually figuring out some performance.

They spend a lot of time showing Christmas spirit- lasts a pretty long time (probably from November to the end of December). Those who are the most invested in their craft are expected to have something pretty special- that is pretty rare- Sparkle happened to be one of them. Part of the celebration happens in the big treehouse and part down at the Gazebo. So much can be said about this.

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