Scary Monsters/Creatures in Harry Potter

One of the many delights found in the world of fantasy and mythology are found in some of the creatures and beasts. Those creatures and beasts fall in two categories- good and bad. But, what exactly is the fun of the scary ones, the ones that creep you out for a bit? Well, what is the point of suspense and conflict in a book? Let me mention some of those creatures found in Harry Potter.


He is the monstrous spider in Chamber of Secret. Despite not liking spiders, he brings some valuable information to the story. Ron and Harry are able to learn more about the mystery surrounding the Chamber of Secrets—-more about the actual monster lurking down there.


I am more scared of snakes than spiders, so what was the fun of that? Well, more suspense and questions. Due to this monster existing, you discover more about Voldermort. In addition, you see a new level of bravery shown in Harry, and another reason why he belongs in Gyrffindor.


Those things really creep me out, especially by the books. Once again, you see a good level of suspense. Also, our protagonist is able to learn a very wonderful skill- how to fight them off, which proves to useful in future scenes.


About suspense, true I might suspense in a story, but not at the point of turning it into a horror story.

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