Series I love

I am a bookworm, who loves some fantasy series. Today, I decided to mention some of the fantasy series that I love. Most series usually fall under the genres of fantasy and mythology.

Avalon: Web of Magic

  • Such a magical friendship found in this long series. Emily, Adrienne, and Kara. Even love their animal friends. As well as the magic found in the pebbles.

Sister’s Grimm

  • Ever heard of The Brothers Grimm? This is the complete opposite- the Sister’s Grimm are related to The Brothers Grimm. Centering on Daphne and Sabrina, two sisters and being around familiar fairy tales

Land of Stories

  • In many ways, this series is similar to Sister’s Grimm. Land of Stories makes you find yourself surrounded by well-loved characters in Fairy Tales. Centering on two fraternal twins- Alex and Conner Bailey (one girl and one boy). Written by Chris Colfer, the actor who played Kurt on Glee

Howl’s Trilogy

  • A weird and exciting trilogy to read

Shades of Magic

  • Was my favorite trilogy I read in 2020. Recommended for fans of character-driven, suspense and plot twists, the city of London, various kinds of magic, and a fast-paced plot.

His Dark Materials

  • While I may not agree on Pullman’s viewpoints, that was not a factor into what I thought about the trilogy. It was my love for Lyra, the protagonist, and the setting. Lyra reminded me of Lila from Shades of Magic.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  • My love for Greek Mythology started somewhere? In middle school, I started reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and was the beginning of my love for Greek Mythology. Love Camp Half Blood. I reread the series this year to prepare me for its sequel—–to understand it better.

Heroes of Olympus

  • It was helpful rereading PJ. Partly due to coming across old characters such as Percy Jackson and Annabeth, two characters I love. Than of course, I loved discovering some of the supporting characters from the original becoming more major in this series. About the totally new characters, Leo was my favorite, and I loved Festus.

Harry Potter

I first fell in love with this series by the movies and eventually read the books. Now, I am currently rereading them- now on the 3rd book. One of the two series responsible for my love for fantasy.

Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia is the other series that turned me into a fantasy fan. Just like HP, I started on films alone and than read the books. Narnia is such a magical place. I did end up rereading the books- specifically the books that never made it to film.

Lord of the Rings

The series that shares a lot of parallels with HP. strong friendships, dark lords, massive spider attacks, corrupt and deadly object, and wizard mentor. I think Rowling might have gotten inspired by Lord of the Rings.


Didn’t start this series until this year- discovered this series on the blog world. The city of Nevermoor is an incredible place- from the Hotel Decualion to the Wundrous Society to how some holidays are celebrated (really love their Christmas).

At the moment, only 3/9 are out—-still waiting for the rest. The first book is like if Hogwarts students had to compete to get in.

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