The Siblings in Stories- Books and Musicals

There are a number of relationships found in stories- romance, family, friendships, antagonist/protagonist, and your relationship to the characters, etc…….Found in the families are some incredible siblings- some come from loving families and some from unloving families. So, who are those siblings I have come to love?

The Siblings (some are my own)

  1. Aurora and Jasmine- Greatest Discovery
  2. Effa and Rudy- Tale of the Cattail Forest
  3. Eponine and Gavroche- Les Misérables
  4. Nicholas and Kate Nickleby- Nicholas Nickleby
  5. The Cratchit Siblings- A Christmas Carol
  6. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy- Chronicles of Narnia
  7. The Weasley Siblings- Harry Potter
  8. Alex and Conner Bailey- Land of Stories
  9. Percy and Tyson- Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  10. Daphne and Sabrina- Sister’s Grimm
  11. Kell and Rhy- Shades of Magic
  12. Elsa and Anna- Frozen
  13. Von Trapp Siblings- Sound of Music

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