Middle Grade Books I Love

There are different levels of books, and one of those levels is middle grade. Even as a young adult, you still can enjoy those books. There are even some middle grade books I still haven’t read that I am looking forward to. There are some books that can fall into two levels- MG and YA due to characters aging up. Now, what exactly are the books I love?

The Books (Series will Listed as One)

  1. The BFG
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  4. Heroes of Olympus
  5. Sister’s Grimm
  6. Avalon: Web of Magic
  7. Land of Stories
  8. Harry Potter- part MG/part YA
  9. Chronicles of Narnia
  10. Nevermoor


  1. A Tale of Magic- a prequel to Land of Stories
  2. The Sea of Trolls
  3. The other Nevermoor books


Crazy how most of these are series that belong to fantasy. I discovered a lot of them after high school. MIddle Grade helps when you want an easy read. They even allow you to read a lot of books in a year- that is because easy reads make you read a book at a faster speed because it is not as hard to understand what is going on. Or if one of those stories happen to be a reread from your childhood.

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