The Mythology Books I Love

In so many ways, the genre of mythology is similar to fantasy- both are home to quests, beasts and creatures, made-up worlds, and even “super-humans” (as in not typical—meaning they are witches, wizards, or demigods). So, what are some of the mythology books I love?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This is how I fell in love with Greek Mythology. The quests get more and more dangerous as Percy gets older. Plus, he even learns more about who he is— as in more about his family and what it means to be a demigod. Camp Half Blood is one of my favorite locations- from Capture the Flag to the Lava Rock Wall to the Quests they go on. Love the various gifts the characters have- based on their Greek God, or the weapons they are given (such as Riptide for Percy).

When I think of myths, I think of quests, gods/goddesses, and beasts/creatures.

Heroes of Olympus

This is pretty much the sequel of Percy Jackson and the Olympians- if you have plans to read the series, would recommend reading Percy Jackson. That is because you would understand things better—-old characters show up, for instance. You do see some of those characters develop even further, and even like some of those characters better.

In Heroes of Olympus, my favorite added character might be Leo—-don’t know why. Son of Hephaestus, explaining why he is good with creating certain things, including fixing Festus.

The Iliad/The Odyssey

These two are the oldest mythology books I actually read. In many ways, these two are a series. True, I actually read the entire works. The Iliad is about The Trojan War and The Odyssey is about Odysseus’ journey home. I actually view The Odyssey more as a myth- that is because, unlike The Iliad, it has a quest and beasts. The Iliad, on the other hand, focuses primarily on a war (the only myth quality belongs to demigods and gods/goddesses).

Song of Achilles

This is a retelling of The Iliad. I view it as The Iliad told from Patroclus’ POV- from the time he met Achilles to the end of the Trojan War. If you were interested in The Iliad and wanted an easier read, I would recommend starting here.


Well, if you love Song of Achilles read this novel. Circe is part nymph and part goddess. She must decide once and for all who she loves most- those she was born into or those she is falls in love with. Mortals or Gods- she must choose even if choosing one might lead to deadly circumstances. Hard to believe that ONE mistake led Circe to become she is- crazy.

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