Famous Lyric in Les Mis

One of the biggest parts about the musical, Les Mis, are the lyrics. Meaning that several of them are incredible. Some of those lyrics are much more famous than others. There seems to be one in particular that truly stands out.

To Love Another Person is To See the Face of God

Finale, Les Mis

Major Spoilers

This is found in the finale of Les Mis, which happens soon after Valjean’s death. Why do you think that lyric seems to stand out? Well, there is a reason why the story isn’t too depressing or too heartbreaking. There is a reason why the story is uplifting and inspiring. Well, the story has a beautiful underlying spirituality. One of its strongest themes is LOVE- not just in the ROMANCE nature.


Fantine– she has a strong unconditional love for Cosette. She has high hopes her daughter would have a better life than she did. That explains several of her actions- why she sold everything (her hair, locket, and even herself). Even why she was still thinking of her daughter at her deathbed. All Valjean knew to do was promise Fantine that he will raise Cosette, making Fantine feel peace and comfort for once.

Valjean and Cosette– This is one of my favorite adoption families. In an unexpected way, Valjean had to become father to Cosette. Little did he know the strong effect she would have on his life, and the strong effect he would have on her life. After all, all Cosette knew was abuse and being treated poorly, but at least had strong hopes she will be rescued. She was only a child when Valjean rescued her.

Growing up, Cosette lived a protected and sheltered life, but at least was loved. She learned to be charitable and caring because of Valjean. Valjean would do anything to keep Cosette happy- explaining why he rescued Marius despite knowing he would lose her. The love was that strong- at least he died with her by his side.


The Friends of the ABC– A strong brotherly bond that feels like family. A cause they strongly believe in. You truly see a vulnerable side to them during “Drink With Me”, but at least you see just how tight-knit they are. Even when they know are going to lose and die, they still stay put.

Eponine and Marius– Yes, an unpopular opinion. But I love their friendship (true it isn’t in the book, but I love the change). Look, Marius is the only good thing in Eponine’s life. He is the only who treats her kindly- explaining why she fell in love with him and why she continued to love him. Eponine sacrificed herself to protect Marius, but it left him devastated. However, at least Marius showed her compassion by being with her.


Cosette and Marius– This is an adorable couple, and one that full of hope

Eponine– True, she has unrequited love, but love how she deals with it. She stays with Marius because he is the only good thing in her life. She even went all the way to the rebellion—Marius didn’t want Eponine to be there. Eponine ended up saving Marius from being shot, but she got a fatal would instead. At least, she ended up with dying in Marius’ arms.


The Bishop– This is the character that truly starts the story. He is the one that teaches Valjean how to be closer to God. As in, some of the themes he would do much later- like mercy, forgiveness, and charity.

Valjean– Several of his scenes were able to happen thanks to The Bishop. Such as helping Fantine- all the way to Cosette, turning himself in when an innocent man was accused of being him, going to the barricades to rescue Marius, forgiving Javert, etc…..


As you will notice, several of those love moments have sacrifice. Such as sacrificing their lives (due to helping others). After all, Fantine sacrificed her life for Cosette, Eponine for Marius, Valjean for Cosette, Friends of the ABC for their country——-those all show love and also show some sort of sacrifice and even hope.

5 thoughts on “Famous Lyric in Les Mis

  1. Meg, lots of great lyrics therein. Thanks for sharing just a few. To me, the words and emotion of the songs build from Fantine’s song of lament early on to a song about empty chairs and tables after Marius’ friends have all been killed. And, tears come to your eyes when the first act finale is sung “Do you hear the people sing” which is brought back after the last poignant scene of the play. Thanks for the memories, Keith


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