Genres to Expect Death In

There are several genres found in storytelling. In each genre, we expect different things. As a matter of fact, the hard concept of death is expected in more than ONE genre. Crazy that I even said that. But that is a result of seeing characters get killed off in multiple genres.


Of all genres, mystery is where death can be exciting the most. Wait, why would you call death exciting? Isn’t it heartbreaking? Well, in the case of mystery, murder is usually the main crime. Well, when the crime starts, the fun begins.


These two genres are very similar. There is one type of fantasy I expect death in—–where there is darkness (think Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings). There is only one time I can find death exciting in these type of stories- to truly evil characters- only because they need to go.

Mythology- the deaths, for the most part, feel like they happened primarily to monsters. Only a few demigods have gotten killed off (those are the ones who tend to be heartbreaking).


Well, of course death would happen in tragedies. That is a result of this genre being heartbreaking. One of its elements is usually death- you need those to be memorable and happen to the right characters. Mostly, it seems to happen to the best characters in their stories. Most of the tragic deaths, in my opinion, have happened to young characters.

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