Who is Ayra exactly?

Well, in the future, I really hope to create a book set in an expansive world. True, I already created a fantasy world, but The Cattail Forest isn’t expansive- as in not big enough. Expansive worlds are places like Middle Earth and Narnia- meaning they are like fictional countries. Some of my WIPS are trickier than others- as in harder to develop.


I know for a fact she is the protagonist of this expansive world idea. Just the frustrating thing is what is her “plot”? I have this idea in my head that she is warrior-type, but the thing is she hasn’t fought any battles in her life. She lives right on the edge of The Enchanted Forest, which is exactly where Fairy Frogs (as in other species and the same place their origins are) and other magical beings live. That would mean there is a chance she might have heard of the “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. I actually have thought that she owns a dragon- I mean, can you think of many books with good dragons and also owned by a female.

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