The Perfect Musical for a Snow Day

Recently in Charlotte, it has snowed, but not the right snow for playing due to being crunchy snow. Now, there are some musicals that have snow in them- due to some Winter scenes. Now, is there a perfect musical meant for a snow day?


Elsa, one of our two protagonists, has snow and ice powers, who accidentally caused an eternal snow on Arendelle. Due to her powers, the musical is filled with several snow and ice scenes, and one of the characters is Olaf, a talking and lovable snowman. “Let it Go” shows Elsa really experimenting with her powers. Anna, Elsa’s younger sister, sees a lot of snow on her journey to find her sister.

Frozen is one of the many musicals I love and still hope to see in person. Well, I still have to wait till June of this year, but at least I know I am going. The 2nd attempt, which in many ways makes me more excited this time around.

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